Watch This GTA III Cover Video And Feel The Incredible

I think that I can sometimes be guilty of hyperbole but, trust me when I say, this YouTube cover of the Grand Theft Auto III is crisp and spectacular. I wish the original sounded like this.

Multi-instrumentalist SquidPhysics is goddamn modern Stevie Wonder. He really jams these goddamn instruments and it's all so well produced, it sounds pretty incredible.

Sometimes it just weirds me out how many truly talented people exist in this world. The internet just gives them all a chance to shine. Awesome.


    Only realised toward the end that it was all the same guy

    Now do Vice City

      He has:
      Also, San Andreas:
      Dude is talented!

    That Was Amazing.
    But I could not stop thinking that this dude really loves orange.
    I count -
    orange DC logo
    orange Bass
    orange headphones
    orange walls
    orange xylophone stick things
    orange cube thing on his desk
    orange smiley face thing on his speakers
    orange bass guitar strap
    orange gaming controller
    orange mouse
    orange puzzle piece in his tattoo.

    And yes its a slow day at work.

    Did I miss Any?

      Orange mic

      Edit: On the trumpet

      Last edited 08/07/13 2:24 pm

    Outstanding! This was the best intro theme of all of them so far. Even more than San Andreas, IMO, and that's one of the games that I love dearly. Vice was great, but it just didn't have the atmosphere III had.

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