Watch What Might Be The Biggest Space Fight In History Go Down

Watch What Might Be The Biggest Space Fight In History Go Down

There’s an epic battle going on in EVE Online right now, involving around 4000 people and enough space hardware to make screenshots look like bee swarms.

It’s taking place in the 6VDT system, and the two sides are CFC/Goon and the TEST Alliance.

You can watch it all take place in the stream video here. It’s a great watch; the commentator is doing a fantastic job of explaining proceedings for those who have no idea what the hell is going on.

Watch live video from drew_qt on


  • You just see this lone new guy just fly in and see all this and just slowly leave the game..that would be me

    • “Hm. That’s weird. It doesn’t usually take this long to jump through this part of space. I wonder if there’s something going on. Could be that time-dilation thing they’ve talked about. But they usually only do that when there’s a… OH MY GOD. Logoutlogoutlogout…”

  • If only EVE was more of a dog-fighting or move-around-shooting type thing, this could be really exciting.. but as it’s more of a tactical/strategic space combat thing.. these big battles are generally big clumps of polygons firing even more big clumps of polygons at each other…

    I really wish it was more like the Deathstar battle at the end of Star Wars: RotJ.. but yeh..

    • Also happening right now is the Alliance Tournament, there are videos on the Youtube. Teams can only field a certain number/strength of ships, and while it’s still focused on the fleet tactics more than dogfighting, it’s on a more easily comprehendable scale.

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