Your Cube World Pets Can Become Pokemon With This Amazing Mod

One of Cube World's neat features is that it lets you collect as many pets as you'd like. Under normal circumstances, you might already be tempted to catch 'em all — they're so cute! I imagine that if you install this Pokemon mod, which changes the models of mobs in Cube World to Pokemon, that inclination will become irresistible.

The changes are as follows:

  • Pet Box — > Pokeball
  • Pink Slime — > Ditto
  • Blue Slime — > Shiny Ditto
  • Wolf — > Houndour
  • White Cat — > Persian
  • Bomb — > Electrode
  • Spitter — > Squirtle
  • Sheep — > Mareep
  • Crab — > Krabby
  • Bat — > Zubat
  • Collie — > Growlithe
  • Sand Horror — > Haunter
  • Bumblebee — > Butterfree
  • Chicken — > Pidgey
  • Skull Bull — > Tauros
  • Black Cat — > Rattata
  • Horse — > Ponyta
  • Onionling — > Vileplume

More may come in the future, according to crazymonkay. If you're hesitant, the readme file on the mod — which you can download here — explains how to do it. Here are some more pictures of the currently available models, if you're curious (some of these are of models from later in the thread, which may not be incorporated into the first post):


    Oh is cubeworld back online? It went down last time I wanted to buy it

      nvm found out its still down i can't create an account.

        Go to the web site via a smart phone and sign up and buy it that way. It worked for me and a few friends.

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