A Sombre But Beautiful Trailer About Tanks, Planes, Gunships And War

Gaijin's military combat MMO War Thunder is here to talk to us about the horrors of war — though the all-caps "Ready for Next Gen?" message at the end kinda breaks the mood a bit. Still, whether you care for the game or not, this is a damn great trailer and it deserves at least one look.

War Thunder is currently in open beta on PC, and is slated to launch with the PS4 on November 15 in the US, and on November 29 in Europe.

"War Thunder Heroes" Trailer [[email protected]]


    These types of hyper realistic CGI trailers are works of art!

      I was loving the use of SSS shaders. True masters of CG made that trailer.

    Meh, pay-to-win and impossible hit registry if you are playing with an Australian ping

      I haven't had any issues with hit reg.

    I was gonna pass on this article... But I am glad that I didn't. That is close to one of the best video game trailers I've seen.

    Super slo-mo to the max! I love it!

    But seriously that looked amazing! They should make a movie for the game, it would look amazing.

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