Apple Rejected This Game To Keep You From Killing Your IPhone

Apple Rejected This Game To Keep You From Killing Your iPhone

Rejected by Apple for "encouraging behaviour that could result in damage to the user's device", Carrot Pop's Send Me To Heaven arrives on Google Play, because no one cares if your Android device shatters on the pavement.

"Throw your phone as high as you can" reads the primary instruction on S.M.T.H., a free game that measures the altitude of your device as it soars (hopefully) gracefully through the air. Catching it isn't a requirement, of course, but if you want your phone to remain intact long enough to compare your height on the leaderboards, it's highly recommended.

It's up to the player to balance their competitive nature with the safety of their expensive gadgets, at least that's the idea. The concept has me brainstorming soft, portable landing materials to increase my chances of coming out unscathed during attempts at surpassing the 5.69 meter high score. I might just purchase phone insurance and an air cannon.


    High score screen looks photochopped.

    And what's to stop someone from throwing it out of an small plane whilst skydiving? does it measure from orientation up and back I can't imagine that much sophistication... Regardless this sounds stupid

    Will getting onto a plane count with this if thats the case the first astronaut to get this App will be number 1 on the leaderboard.

    Wait, does it measure distance travelled or just altitude? Because if it's the latter all you'd have to do is turn on the app for a few seconds on a plane.

    You could do it over a swimming pool with the Xperia Z..........

    I will enjoy laughing at anyone who breaks their phone playing this game.

    Bluetooth activated parachute package triggered by accelerometer when the phone reaches the apogee of its trajectory.

    I wonder if this is actually an experiment to test compulsion to win/follow commands vs being sensible enough to not throw your phone in the air...

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