I Just Watched This Amazing Infomercial And I Think I Need To Play Divekick

Look, I was already going to play Divekick anyway, since I've heard rumblings regarding its greatness, but this infomercial, starring Tim Rogers (founder of Action Button and sometime Kotaku contributor) has pushed me over the edge. If I want to be successful in the future and possible become a billionaire President of some kind, I will most likely have to get good at this game STAT.

According to Tim this is the first of two infomercials, but I can't believe that. Why would you should another infomercial after this, the ultimate infomercial.

Divekick is available now on PS3 and PLS Vita. I am going to buy it. Advertising works.


    been keen on this since E3... now trying to decide if i get it on PS3/Vita (crossbuy) or Steam...

    perhaps BOTH! lol

    also @markserrels it isn't on PS3/Vita until tomorrow I believe... for aussies

    Last edited 21/08/13 12:04 pm

    Just picked this up myself for Steam. If anybody would like to partake in the sport of diving and kicking consecutively, feel free to hit me up (I'm 'ashuramgs2sub' on Steam).

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