I Propose A New Rule: No ‘Launch’ Trailers Until The Game Has Launched

I propose a new rule: no releasing “launch” trailers until the game has actually launched. Now I have to watch this over and over again until The Bureau: XCOM Declassified actually launches, which is tomorrow. Hmph.


    • Hangonaminute! They’ve been awfully quiet about this game… I’m a little worried. In saying that, I too am looking forward to it, but I might wait a little.

      • Well the problem is, is that whenever ████████ try to talk about it, the ████████████ come along and shut it down or censor it. Pretty sure that ██████████ is in cahoots with the ██████████ who are doing it, to stop ████████ from outselling ███████.

  • The games PR biz is something of a joke. Launch trailers weeks before launch, teaser websites teasing a teaser trailer teasing an announcement, each of which are announcements on their own.
    (“I’m going to say something.”
    “You’re saying something now.”
    “Shut up. You know what I mean. I’m going to say something more significant than what I’m saying now.”
    “That wouldn’t be hard.”
    “Shut up you’re ruining it!”)
    At one point this year we saw a video of celebrities being shown a trailer. And don’t even get me started on this fucking ‘sizzle’ trailer bullshit. IT’S JUST ANOTHER TRAILER.

  • Considering Kotaku is a media outlet sharing these videos, perhaps you had better take your own advice first.

    • I took the title to mean, ‘no calling them launch trailers’ before the game has actually launched. Kotaku isn’t the one calling them launch trailers, it’s whoever publishes them that calls them that.

  • “they have technology decades beyond what we possess” ……sooooo, like maybe M4 Carbine assault rifles? AK-103s? An M1A1 Abrams tank? Maybe they have GPS so they don’t get lost. Maybe they have THE INTERNET!

  • Pretty sure we’re at the point in time “decades” past when this game is set, and we’re still not invading other planets …….someone must have dropped the ball along the way!

    • Or maybe the characters in the game don’t understand the technology gap like we do today?

      I have seen copious amounts of media from that era that had people thinking that by the year 2000 we’d all have flying cars and be living on the moon…

  • People at that time thought we would be living in some sort of technological utopia. Astroboy was made in the 50s (?) and set in 2002. I haven’t seen any robots like that yet (although some of the military stuff is scary/cool depending on where you are).
    Watch the first few minutes of Idiocracy, kind of explains what has happened…

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