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The new Tomb Raider’s freshest idea is the floating of a question: What if all this tomb raiding that Lara Croft does indicates that she is a treasure-plundering jerk who wrecks other people’s cultures and, worse, their lives?


The video game industrial complex wants you to play Destiny 2 right now, but spare a moment for the first Destiny. It's on its way to becoming a ghost town.


Ubisoft's third-person shooter The Division has been one of 2016's most interesting successes and one of its worst fiascoes. The people who make it now hope it can also be the year's best comeback story.


Given that the Tokyo Game Show is just around the corner, it's natural for Sony to make some announcements ahead of the show. And while not everything Sony announces this afternoon is expected to make its way to our shores, there should be some new footage and plenty of entertainment nonetheless.


The process of engaging in some BDSM in the seemingly squeaky-clean video game Overwatch is simple. Equip the angelic healer Mercy with her Imp skin, spray-paint an arrow on the wall, and crouch beneath it. If you're lucky, a tank will walk up to you and emote "understood." You'll serve them dutifully and wait for the private message after the match.


After months of discussion, Sony finally gave us a date and a price for the PlayStation 4 Pro. It's $559.95 and it's coming not early next year, but on November 10.

But what did you think of the announcement


In just under half an hour, Sony is expected to officially lift the lid on what the PlayStation Neo looks like at their PlayStation Meeting in New York. The slim revision for the baseline model of the PS4 should also make an appearance, and it'd be a surprise if there wasn't a healthy amount of discussion about life after PlayStation VR as well.

But what precisely will Neo look like? How much will it cost? We're about to find out.


Hello friends! It is the Sony Press Conference! This is the fun one because it's at a reasonable hour and everyone is awake!

Welcome! We are liveblogging this thing! I have ingested a lot of caffeine and sugar!