I Would Play More Call Of Duty If More Call Of Duty Looked Like This

I Would Play More Call Of Duty If More Call Of Duty Looked Like This

It’s not just the giant robot. It’s the old warplanes. It’s the rain. It’s the Weird War Tales-style oddness of it all. This is a real Call of Duty scene from an upcoming zombies-mode addition to Call of Duty: Black Ops II. But it’s just that. I’d go for a full game.

Find out more about the scene above in the video below, which hypes Apocalypse, the final expansion for Black Ops II. The add-on is set for release starting August 27 on Xbox Live, with other platforms to follow.

The zombie bit starts at 2:36…


  • Hold on, I haven’t played Black Ops II so I might have missed something here but from what I gather in this video…
    The new Zombie mode of a ‘near-future’ game is going back in time to WWI when the main characters first met (so I’m guessing they’re over 100 in the main story) where the Zombie apocalypse has happened (I can buy that) and there are giant robots walking around (uhhh….)

    • you have missed something, the new zombie mode levels (and most of the other zombie modes from what I can remember) aren’t set in the future era of the SP campaign. One of the maps was set on alcatraz back in ye old gangster times.

      • ah ok, I haven’t played CoD since World at War (and only really liked that because of friends). I thought the Zombie mode’s were a spin-off from each individual game (so the 4 guys he was talking about were Black Ops II guys) but I take it the Zombie thing is it’s own continuity across all the games or something (meaning the 4 guys are 4 zombie-killer people from multiple games I guess).
        That makes a lot more sense 🙂

  • “The fans who’ve been with us for a very long time are really going to appreciate–” Dude, 14yrs haven’t been around for long (in gaming terms) at all. Who’re you trying to kid?

    • I dont get what point in time you are referring to as 14 years, treyarch has been around longer than 14 years. Call of duty was first released 10 years ago and teryarch started call of dutys in 2004/2005 ?

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