Of Course There's A Dubstep Scene In Black Ops II

How will future historians be sure that Call of Duty: Black Ops II was released in 2012 or thereabouts? Because its campaign had a shootout set to dubstep. It's short. It's a little silly. It's also the perfect time capsule moment.


    Holy crap.
    I had no interest in Blops 2, nor do I have any interest in dubstep.
    But that vid was awesome to watch, so awesome I might actually go and buy the game.

    Yeah, there's a multiplayer map that "features" some of that crap when you run through the room too.

    So the guy (PC) with the clear shot didn't take it, and that whole section appeared to be lifted from an on-rails slow motion shooter? Quality gaming, right there.

    From the preview still. Just Dance: Black Ops

    The difference here is that this will look so dated in 10 years, where as the Drum and Bass station in GTA III has classic, timeless tunes that DJ's still play today.

    Thats one dedicated DJ. Doesnt stop spinning for anything!

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