Black Ops II Gets A Dubstep Makeover

When we say "Dubstep" most people think of hard drops and grinding wubs. But there is a lot more to the genre than that.

When people think Call of Duty, they think of hard explosions and grinding machine guns. But... perhaps there's more to the genre than that?

YouTuber TomahawkTrix thinks so, anyway, with this surprisingly lovely dubstep remix of that first trailer for Black Ops II, featuring a tune from Blackmill Music.

Feels like all those other emotionally dissonant action-game trailers we've seen, only with kinda more interesting music.


    Would be better with some Glitch Hop :)

    I'm not a fan of the COD games (or FPS games in general) but i can at least appreciate the work from an artistic point of view.

    Two things that give me a headache, rolled into one!

    When I hear call of duty I think of gamer tags like xX3P1C5C0P35Xx

    This song was used over the BF3 clip before BF3 was released by some random youtuber... Song: Evil Beauty by Blackmill

    Black Ops 2 and Dubstep!!!! KILL ME NOW

    Came here expecting to throw up.
    Didnt. Actually kind of enjoying it. Piano, a girl singing, and an alright beat makes me a happy man.
    Though in slow mo, you can see just how average it looks. Those textures...

      Graphics of a CoD will always lack next to a Crysis 2 or a Battlefield 3, as the game is engineered to run at 60fps. They look less pretty but boy are they smooth. The gameplay is a lot of fun.

      And that was some funny dubstep. No drop at all! (People above complaining about the music probably didn't watch the video but saw "Call of Duty" and "dubstep" and decided to complain!)

        Different style of dubstep, this type is the better than the more popular type, in my opinion

        The issue isn't the game being engineered to run at 60FPS though. The issue is that the console's are far behind. It's all well and good to say CoD looks shit these days but the fact is that there isn't a hell of a lot that can be done about it anyway.

        Sure they could make a nicer looking PC version like BF3 did. But given their treatment of PC as it is it's pretty obvious they have no desire to ever do such a thing.

        Though I don't really care if the next generation doesn't look any better, I'd prefer they use the extra power to deliver proper 1080p. And some goddamned colour, Sick of games having a tiny colour palette because it makes the rendering easier.

    Used to be good, now its Just typical, predictable activsion grabbing money with its fat, pimp hands. boring. uncreative and they stole the setting from the men they fired.

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