In An Alternate Universe, People On Xbox Live Rage Like This

In An Alternate Universe, People On Xbox Live Rage Like This

If only we never had to deal with obnoxious ragers when we play games on Xbox Live. You know, the people who lose their cool while playing games? ...what if there was a reality where ragers like the kind we know of didn't exist?

Dorkly guesses they'd sound a little like this guy in this comic. Yes, he's still a rager, But he's a polite rager. It's hilarious. Being complimented like this might even be pleasant, no?

In An Alternate Universe, People On Xbox Live Rage Like This

Xbox Live in the Mirror Universe [Dorkly]


    Love it!

    This is really cool.

    This would be much better than the screaming and subsequent low xbox ranking for "Poor sportsmanship" I got from people. I never once said anything bad; win or lose. Who decided to play SFIV with an ADSL1 connection and to join servers on another continent? Not I!

      I've noticed that people downvote/report anyone who beats them.
      It's pretty sad.

      Hooray for basically only playing coop games. :)

        This is what truly worries me about the Xbox One. With the Xbox One matchmaking taking into account what others think of you, I find it very hard to see how this won't end up with the better players not being penalised.

          Given that I'm not getting one (and even if/when getting one, won't be using Live), I can take the very lackadaisical attitude of, "Well, you've gotta try some things to see if they fail," and hope it's a step on the way to figuring out how to lick this issue.

          They've talked about a few factors playing into their heuristics, more than just up and down. Who knows. Maybe they have options in the filters, like: "Player's mum was a terrible lay," or, "Downvote for being a cockgobbler," that no sane person will use, so anyone who actually DOES the downvoting ends up in their own pool, rather than their intended victims.

    How about they do one about an alternate universe where teamkillers do not exist?

    I value every death at the hands of an opponent as a chance to learn and grow from the experience...ah, screw it, I hate anyone that kills me.

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