One Of The Prettier Games I've Ever Played Is Also About Bugs

It's not often you get to experience the transformative journey of insects while enjoying some illustrative art. But that's exactly what you get with Morphopolis, a casual adventure game that just looks beautiful.

If you wish to see more of the visually lovely game and have the are-video-games-art question definitively answered, then please do watch my video above. More about Morphopolis can be found on the official site.


    Hello, I'm one of the Morphopolis creators. Just wanted to give a big thanks to Kotaku Australia for posting this video and for anyone who has signed up for new updates at our website. We're adding extra gameplay and artwork in preparation for a full release later this year and also trying hard to get on Steam. If you'd like to see Morphopolis get through Steam Greenlight then we're hugely grateful for any votes!! : ) Thanks!

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