Someone Wants $10 Million For This Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Someone Wants $US10 Million for This Yu-Gi-Oh Card

This isn't just any Yu-Gi-Oh card. It is apparently a one of a kind Yu-Gi-Oh card. And it's one that has an astronomical price tag: a cool 10 million bucks!

Printed on stainless steel, this unique Black Luster Soldier card was given to the winner of the first nationwide Yu-Gi-Oh tournament in Japan in 1999. On, the seller states that this one-of-a-kind card cannot be used in tournament play.

Above, you can see the card. There's a tag on it that reads "genuine article" (honmono or 本物) in Japanese.

When asked why the card is so expensive, the seller pointed out that this is a one-of-a-kind item, and it's not for sale anywhere else. Well, yeah...

It's priced at ¥998 million ($10 million) and comes with a letter of authenticity as well as a handful of other apparently rare cards as freebies. But if you cough up the cash, you might want to have an armed guard pick up your purchase.

【遊戯王限定】本物の世界に1枚のカオス・ソルジャー(証明書付 ステンレス製)美品 [ via オタクニュース]


    I'll trade you my blue-eyes white dragon for it. I watched the anime, and Setto Kaiba said there was only three left in the world after he bought and ripped the fourth one up. So I guess you could say it's pretty rare. Swapsies? No tradebacks!

    Oh, Black Luster Soldier. No one must ever know of our forbidden love!

      When I saw the article my first thought was "Maybe it's so valuable because it's THAT Black Luster Soldier..."

        I'm trying to sell my yugioh cards I have about 2 thousand of them for sale I dollar each other

    What's interesting, is that the card above is a regular-summon version of Black Luster Soldier (yellow backing). All other versions of BLS are ritual-summon only (blue backing)

    No doubt that's what makes this card one-of-a-kind (and also why it can't be played in tournaments, as it would obviously not be comparable to everyone else's BLS)

    *awkwardly coughs* Wow that makes me seem nerdy.

      It's okay, I just spent the last hour on the yugioh wiki reading and reminiscing on the good ol anime. Man it's been a long time.

    I don't think simply being one-of-a-kind is enough to inflate the price that high. It was also custom made, so it's rarity is kind of manufactured and not all that interesting.

    If you can play the standard version of the Black Luster Soldier then you've pretty much won the match right there and then unless your opponent has something that can counter 3000 ATK / 2500 DEF.

    And yes; you need the "Black Luster Ritual" card to summon it and to do so you have to sacrifice 2 or more monsters with 8 or more level start. I am not entirely sure if you need the soldier card in your hand to summon it (It doesn't say on the card) but it pays off... unless it gets caught in a trap hole or spellbinding circle...

      Maybe in first gen Yugioh that would work, but even try that now and you'll be out of the game quick smart.

      The regular, blue ritual summon Black Luster Soldier requires you to have the card in your hand, as well as the ritual summon, plus two sacrifices equal to 8 star.

      But the card above is clearly a yellow-backed regular summon, which means there would be no ritual summon card. And as it's a special summon, I don't think trap-hole works, right? It's been a while since I played.

      But the newer generations went crazy with effects and powers, no doubt BLS doesn't hold a candle to any of these new-fangled cards. *sits on rocking chair, frowns at 'those young kids'*

        I've seen some with 5000 attack such as Dragon Master Knight (A fusion of Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon and Black Luster Soldier (The Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is itself a fusion of three Blue-Eyes White Dragons with 4500 ATK)). As such the effort required to summon it is too great for how weak it is compared to modern day cards

    I'm impressed that there are a few Yu Gi Oh: The Abridged Series references in the comments, but disappointed that there aren't enough.

    I think I'll pass on the super rare chocolaty awesome rare super card, thanks.

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