Someone's Mum Made Totoro Out Of Noodles

Someone's Mum Made Totoro Out of Noodles

And not just any old noodles, but with soba (buckwheat) noodles. But why make Totoro out of noodles?

Twitter user @hy_s__ explains that his or her mum asked if there were any requests for dinner, and @hy_s__ replied, "tororo soba". And this is what mum served up:

Someone's Mum Made Totoro Out of Noodles

Totoro soba! The white belly, however, is made from "tororo", which is "grated yam" in Japanese. Very cute and a neat wordplay! No wonder this image has been retweeted over seventeen thousand times.

This individual's mum, however, isn't the first to think of "Totoro Soba".

Here's an English language how-to for Totoro Soba. It appeared on YouTube earlier this year.

オカンに晩ご飯何がいいって聞かれて「とろろそば」って [@hy_s__]


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