Street Fighter Overwhelms People At Church For Best Knockouts Ever

Last week, Chun Li was violently jealous at people all over the internet. Today's find is a video of various preachers ministering with the powers of other Street Fighter characters.

Accept M. Bison into your hearts, sinners. [Via Distractify]


    I'm sorry but the last one in the first bit towards the bonus stage is NOT street fighter. It is CLEARLY Benny "Dragonborn" Hinn using the unrelenting force shout. FUS RO DAH!

    is this a set up?

    This guy wins the internets award haha. funny

    hahaha stupid religion

    Wouldn't say stupid religion, definitely stupid people.

    im just gonna leave this here

    Must be fun living in their world. Must be so filled with so much wonder and magic.

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