Sir, Your Street Fighter Collection Is An Inspiration To Us All

Sir, Your Street Fighter Collection Is An Inspiration To Us All

I love people who only collect one type of video game. Just collecting games doesn't have quiet the same dash of mad obsessiveness as someone who specialises in a single series. As we'll see in this case, with Street Fighter.

Clarence Lim, who also does some mean cosplay, has "a complete catalogue of NTSC1 Street Fighter and related games including all versions, variants and playable demos". That means not only every Street Fighter game, but even games where Street Fighter characters (even as DLC) and moves simply make an appearance, which is why he's burrowed down and got stuff like LittleBigPlanet and Breath of Fire.

Lim's collection was recently featured in the documentary "I Am Street Fighter".

You can check out more pics of his swag - including a ton of merchandise - at the link below.



    Oh god he and his fiancee cosplay together as Ryu and Sakura!

    This is The Best Thing.

    I hope his room doesn't always look like that.

    Greatest SF collection ever? Of course he tucks his polos into his pants. =P haha

    NB: I am jelly.

    Mortal kombat is a better game

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