The New Yakuza Game Takes You Back In Time

The New Yakuza Game Takes You Back In Time

Sega unveiled a new Yakuza game. It’s called Ryu Ga Gotoku: Ishin. Here’s a first look.

“Ryu Ga Gotoku,” of course, is the original Japanese title for the Yakuza games. “Ishin” (維新) means “restoration” as in the Meiji Restoration. This led into the Meiji Period, an era of rapid modernization and industrialisation in Japan. It was during this time that modern Japan emerged.

There aren’t many details about the game, but the poster notes that development has begun and shows Ryoma Sakamoto, a fascinating figure from Japanese history who wanted Japan to end its feudal system, who carried both a pistol and a sword, and who wore Western-style shoes with his kimono. In many ways, Ryoma reflected how Japan was incorporating Western ideas and influences.

Sakamoto has, in the past few years, experienced a huge surge in popularity in Japan.

As 4Gamer points out, this is Yakuza protagonist Kiryu Kazuma as Ryoma Sakamoto (thus, explaining the discrepancy in the poster art and how Sakamoto actually looked), and the game is a spin-off title, akin to Yakuza: Kenzan!

Platform and release date are still TBA.

龍が如く維新 [タモリ]

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  • Looks like it will be good and have way more potential western appeal than the mainline series does (same as Kenzan) so guarantee it won’t be localized because Sega are assholes.

  • It really is a shame SEGA won’t localize this. Kenzan was amazing, and I’m sure this will be too. If we don’t hear anything by Japanese launch I’m probably just going to import it immediately.

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