The Room Has Expanded

One of the very best mobile puzzle games is getting a sequel later this year, but this week it's gotten an epilogue. The mystery of The Room deepens with a free update for owners of the original game.

Plus the game is only $0.99 on iOS and Android right now. Get it.


    Good.. it needs more content in the original game.. it wasn't always $0.99.. they released a decent enough puzzle game but it was so very short.. I don't normally finish games in a single sitting but this game I did.. was a little disappointed and was expecting them to update with more content.. then they go and announce a sequel...

    So this epilogue is good..... but I still have a bad taste in my mouth over the sequel.

    *In Jesse Pinkman's voice* YEAH BITCH!!
    Had a blast with this game, updating now with the Humble Bundle app.

    oh god yes, I will need to redownload this on the ipad. Once clocking it i needed to remove it to save some space on my iPad

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