The Room

Few Things In Gaming Are As Satisfying As A New Room Game

The Room video games are among the most satisfying things you can play. They’re all about figuring out how to unlock intricately-locked boxes – or locked stoves or locked model submarines or some other beautifully intricate piece of old-fashioned gadgetry. The newest one, The Room: Old Sins, came out last…

The Room Is Finally Making Its Way To PC

Briefly: The classic puzzle game The Room is finally making its way from the iPad to the PC next week. Developer Fireproof Games also said that the new version will be done in “fully enhanced HD”. So you know you’ll have something pretty to look at when you’re pulling your…

This Week’s iPad Charts: Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dentist

This Week’s iPad Charts: Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dentist

I’ve only been doing these weekly charts since late last year, and this is the second time a free dental simulation game appeared on the free charts. At least this one features cartoon animals getting their mouths drilled full of holes. I can understand the appeal.