This Game Uses Your Hard Drive's Files To Build Its Levels

Yeah, you just stay the hell out of my porn folder, AdventureOS; I'm not interested in a boss battle with Peter North. OK, that's not actually how AdventureOS works.

The files themselves don't actually come (heh heh) to life, the game uses a folder to create a room in a castle and stock it with loot, NPCs or enemies. Multiples of a single file type mean larger or more powerful loot, NPCs or enemies. A folder represents a door to another part of the castle. The video (above) explains how the directory builds out the castle.

AdventureOS is a novel concept, even if it describes itself by a term I despise — "Metroidvania". That of course means a platforming game that has role-playing elements and a persistent inventory for carrying weapons, spells, and what have you, where gaining access to new areas depends on acquiring special abilities. The game is under development by Eveland Games, which has opened an Indiegogo campaign to fund it. A release for Windows, Mac and Linux is planned.


    Wasn't there a game called Virus or something that did something similar to this?

      Yeah not a new concept

      Pretty sure you're thinking of Operation: Inner Space. I loved that game!

        I used to play that game way back in the days of Windows 95. Epic game. Would make for a great tablet game.

      Yeah, "Virus: The Game". It wasn't great. There was also a little game made by some DigiPen students called "FP-FS" that's a bit of fun:

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    I think people are going to grab this game and go crazy with level design via folders/files. Keen to see the result!

    loved the girly giggle. made me do exactly the same

    Zip files are treasure chests ? The Downloads folder is going to be a room of giddy looting.
    My Documents folder, on the other hand, is going to be a living hell...

    Can't tell if your definition of a Metroidvania is sarcastic or not.

    I'm guessing the game would have to take a snapshot of your hard drive before starting, because using a predictable mechanism for room generation and getting folder contents live leaves a lot of room for exploitation. And I'd guess that save files would also cause some issues, given the possibility that the room you saved in might get moved or deleted.

    Aw man, I had this idea years ago. Although it was less of an RPG and more like Animal Crossing style exploration, collection and investigation. It's an interesting idea, but as other people have pointed out, it's easy to game the system. I'd find it more interesting if it used the checksums and hashes, or randomly selected binary data in order to generate the dungeons.

    The game would be terrifying on a Linux system though. You don't want to think what would happen if you stepped into /dev/null

      The ultimate snake battle? Actually, what would null extension files produce? Would it read the headers?

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