This Is Why Sir Patrick Stewart Is Still The Most Loveable Actor

In a video uploaded recently by his girlfriend, Sir Patrick Stewart shows us how to do a perfect quadruple take, a rarely used device in comedy.

This Is Why Sir Patrick Stewart Is Still The Most Loveable Actor

Also, this might be the only instance where a video with a vertical layout is acceptable.

Quadruple Take Masterclass [YouTube]


    Every instance is acceptable. The only thing unacceptable is the lack of vertical-format video players.

    That I've seen Patrick Stewart smashed, I can die a happy man. Seriously, he is so hammered. Good on him.

    This beats the GTAV trailer for my video of the day. Thank you Sir Patrick Stewart.

    Sir Patrick Stewart is the best actor that has ever graced this planet, and genuinely one of the best human beings too!

    Patrick Stewart wasn't so loveable or fantastic when he was embarrassing himself at the awards ceremony with James Corden. For all of you Stewart-lovers out there, try sitting through that footage, and then tell me that he's "genuinely one of the best human beings". He was a befuddled embarrassment.

      You mean that time Sir Stewart pwnt an obnoxious fatso ?

    Sir Patrick Stewart, you are the coolest! Great actor and a hilarious, down to earth smart arse in real life too.

    And did I detect some Stevie Wonder - Superstition in the background?

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