This Real-Time Chess Game Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Chess has always been a two-player, turn-based game. Except when, you know, it's eight-player or in this case, in real-time. CHESS, by Sven Anders Robbestad, might be hectic, but you can crank out about four million games in the space it'd take to play a regular session of Chess.

According to IndieGames' Paul Hack, CHESS was created in seven days as part of the Mini Ludum Dare 44 competition (also doubling as an entry for another challenge, the 7-day RTS). The game itself is essentially a normal Chess game, with the exception that you can move whenever you want.

The only limitation is a cooldown placed on each piece after it has moved, signified by a shrinking magenta box, so you can't just slide your queen into various choice board positions and expect to dominate, as placing it next to a pawn off cooldown could see your best piece quickly removed from play.

It's not quite my thing — I prefer the slower pace of the classic version — but if you'd like to combine the strategy of Chess with the heart-pounding action of... er... Command & Conquer, this could be what you're looking for.

Robbestad considers it still in beta, so don't get mad if it breaks on you. Personally, I didn't run into any issues.

Chess [Svenardo, via IndieGames]


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