This Team Fortress Features Saxton Hale Jumping Out Of A Plane Holding A Yeti

As part of its birthday celebration the Team Fortress 2 team has put the first of a six-part comic up on its site and its glorious. If you want to see Saxton Hale, the Australian CEO of Mann Co. jumping out of an aeroplane while wrestling with a Yeti, you've come to the right place.

As someone who has only played Team Fortress a couple of times, a lot of this goes completely over my head, but I'm sure most of you will love this because... well, it's great. The layouts are fantastic, the art is good, and I love the interactive panel-by-panel stuff. Sheer brilliance.

You can read the whole comic here.

Thanks Rob!


    Even if you don't play TF2 - the comics are 100% worth your time to read, as are the "Meet the..." videos.

    What kind of person doesn't play TF2?!?

    Think of the hats, man! THE HATS!

    Lord Nelson's trousers, it's a yeti!

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