This White Xbox One Sure Is Snazzy. Too Bad It's Only For Employees.

This White Xbox One Sure Is Snazzy. Too Bad It's Only For Employees.

Images of an employee-only white Xbox One have been circulating today, and the design sure looks neat. Cooler than the black one, even. Too bad it's just for Microsoft staff. At least for now.

As for the image's veracity... one source familiar with goings-on at Microsoft tells Kotaku it's real, and IGN is reporting that their sources have confirmed it too. When reached by Kotaku, Microsoft declined to comment.

If you don't mind some idle prediction, I'd say this won't remain employee-exclusive forever. Could be a new model at some point after the new Xbox launches this November.

And for contrast, here's a very fake mock-up of what a white PS4 could look like, via NeoGAF:

This White Xbox One Sure Is Snazzy. Too Bad It's Only For Employees.



    The Kinect is black....just saying....

      The side of the xbox is still black. I'm sure a completely white xbone would look cool, but that fake ps4 is looking a lot better right now

        I think the black side vents with the white console would look much better than a white vent would.

        I would like to see, for comparison, what a black vent on the top of the machine would look like.

    Give it a few moments and the internet horde will rally up demanding a white option as well on release.
    Just because they were successful in the whole DMR thing, they think they can change the world just by shouting the loudest.

      I think most of the shouters weren't actually Xbox users....most Xbox guys I spoke to had no problem with it! I think it was PS fanboys and a sort of anti Xbox facade to get people to dislike xbox

        As a counter-point, my main platform this generation was the 360, but I found the original announcement of the xbox so obnoxious I'm trying to remove all MS products from my life (though partly because I think the walled garden approach to metro is pretty negative too). I'm not saying I'm the norm, but we do exist.

          Yeah I'm sure their was heaps like yourself. I'm part of a Xbox Lan group and most of us pre ordered our xbox's before the DRM change....i guess we were all excited about digital sharing and not having to use disks......we have internet at the LANs through vivid, so I'm guessing my comment was based on the fact that most ppl around didn't care but I guess one club didn't represent the masses and I could be wrong with that statement.....but saying that at my work its mainly PS ppl and they were up in arms about it? But they don't even play Xbox hence my conclusion.

            We'll never know for sure, but the digital sharing was never going to work the way people assumed. It was almost certainly going to be a timed demo. There's no way the major publishers would have supported anything else - it would eat into their sales!

              Precisely. It was never going to be as charitable as everyone seemed to think. It's being released by Microsoft, not Unicef.

                Still I wasn't out raged like some ? Never sold a game and never hired a game always online anyway meh was my thoughts

    Any one that works at Microsoft on here that would like to sell/give me one? I think it looks beautiful and would go way better with my white 360.

      Microsoft’s Major Nelson revealed at Reddit that Microsoft may sell this version of console to general public in the future.

    The white Pos4 looks good

      Sans their double dildo controller and the fact it looks like a xboxone in italics

    So which MS employees get these? All of them? Or just the ones in the XBox division? That's a lot of free XBones...

    Also... what are "1P games"?

    Last edited 27/08/13 9:23 am

      It seemed to be to IEB FTE's - so Interactive Entertainment B(lank) Full Time Employees.

      Interactive Entertainment Bureau? Board? Base?

      I wish I knew an IEB FTE. Who wanted me to have one of these desperately. Maybe I can meet one on eBay...

    "All 1p games - all free"- it says on the sidebar to the left of the image.

    Does this mean employees are getting a free Xbox One and ALL OF THE GAEMZ for free on launch day? Wonder what the eBay value of this will be?

    Next thing Sony announces white ps4, makes jokes about how anyone can buy it not just employees.

    I have no issues with companies trying to give there employees some form of bonus, something special, etc...

    Let's just say 2500 are made, it isn't alot, but I kinda feel as though at launch those units should really go to the public allocation, MS already cut 8 countries from their launch plans and now here they are diverting resources for a specific internal promotion.

    Think it would be better to get the launch out of the way, those employees that wanted one can pick up a regular unit and then at the time when they have production under control, allow the employee to 'upgrade' to the Employee only console, they could do a console swap and the initial console can be shipped to the service centre and used for parts.

    R2D2 Xbox and C3PO controller or bust.. I'll just take my black One thanks.

    I prefer white consoles. Not sure why - I think maybe it looks more minimalist? Or clean?

    I would much prefer the white xbone. Still going to get the ps4 first though. Microsoft still has some redeeming to do before they get my money.

    Really not liking that duo-tone thing with the white and the brushed metal.

    Would prefer it to be all white, like the PS4 pictured, with highlights in the XBox green.

    Looks like something out of that Tom Cruise movie Oblivion. I likey!

    It's the Michael Jackson of the console world! (white and not as good as it used to be)

    I'll just take the white controller. Looks pretty schmick.

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