Titanfall Delivers Another Trailer, And It Is Breathtaking

There is a good reason Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall vacuumed up a bathtub of awards when it was unveiled at E3. You see a lot of them in this latest trailer shown today at Gamescom 2013.

This throwdown is from a mode called "Attrition", played on the Angel City map, and the seamlessness of the combat simply blows my mind. I have a hard time deciding my favourite part — either where he bazookas the Titan and the pilot ejects, or when he gets in the mech and yanks the other guy right the hell out of his.


    It does look fantastic. I'm just glad that it's coming to PC also, the Xbox One has no other exclusives that really grab me so as a future PS4/PC gamer, I should have the pick of the bunch

    I have to admit, I wasn't grabbed my Titanfall as much as others seemed to be, but that trailer just changed everything. That looks freaking amazing.

    With Xbox One DRM and Kinnect reversals and this game I think they have convinced me to get one.

      Ikr. I was sold on a PS4, but damn dead rising 3/ryse/titanfall are bloody tempting.

    Being a pretty competitive CoD player throughout the different games, the possibilities for trick shots in this are endless. :)

    really sad its an origin title, would have bought it 5 times over if it were on steam

    Holey Moley - if you weren't interested before you'd have to be now.

      You're right! I wasn't then, but now I am!

    looks good but still not compelling me to buy - cos no single player. I'm just not a multiplayer junkie (local co-op is different)

    Have been interested in this since day one, was the first game on my Xbox pre-order list.

    This actually looks like it'll push the FPS genre forward, especially in the Sci-Fi area. Halo and CoD have been continually disappointing in their growth.

    This trailer is the difference between current Call of Duty games, and the ones made by the original creators.

    Oh wow. Just changed from PS4 at launch to X One

    this looks incredible! first multiplayer FPS i've ever been pumped for

    Thank god it's coming the the pc just need a CPU and cooling upgrade

    I love how the Titan catches the pilot, and puts him inside the cockpit :D

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