Titanfall 2 Single Player Trailer Leaks Ahead Of EA's E3 Conference

A dry run of EA's E3 2016 press conference was briefly broadcast live over the publisher's YouTube channel, long enough to show us the debut trailer for Titanfall 2's single player campaign, coming October 28 to PS4, Xbox One and PC. Update: Respawn's released the official trailer.

Between Twitter user Nibellion's GIFs and YouTube's ATW Tech's sure to be taken down rip of the gaff, we've got a pretty good picture of the single player trailer for Titanfall 2. There's some drama, some giant robots and some hot dinosaur action.

This is exactly what I missed in the original Titanfall. Nice to see Respawn Entertainment fixing that oversight, even if we're seeing it a little early due to a completely different oversight. How do you feel about the very Call of Duty single player vibe?

Update Two, 1:24 PM: Responding to the unfortunate leak, Respawn Entertainment has released the official version of the trailer.


    I'm sold. I was a big fan of Titanfall and played it all the time on Xbox One. Actually the reason I purchased an Xbox One, and didn't regret it at all. But even with the best multiplayer around, the lack of single player did hurt.

    Wow so it appears to have a campaign, Im deff adding this to my watch list. I think this would be an awesome game on the vive

    If I'm not mistaken, that's a rather Peter Cullen sounding titan there.

    All I could think of when he's reading the 3 Protocols out loud...

    "Serve the public trust"
    "Protect the innocent"
    "Uphold the law"

    Last edited 13/06/16 10:46 am

      I also got an Asimov "Three Laws" vibe out of it. Which I'm down with.

    Hey Activision! Are you playing attention? This is what a sci-fi FPS trailer is supposed to look like.

    How do you feel about the very Call of Duty single player vibe?
    Given that Infinity Ward created COD, and then left Activision and rebranded themselves as Respawn, I feel like the very COD SP vibe is probably spot on.

    This looks exactly like what I was expecting/hoping Titanfall 2 to be, and I am super hyped.

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