Watch This Dad Awkwardly Ask For Video Game Advice On TV

Watch This Dad Awkwardly Ask For Video Game Advice On TV

It’s tough to be the father of a gamer when you aren’t a gamer yourself. Sometimes, it’s best to just ask people in the know — especially on live TV.

Enter Anchor Joe Kernen, who took a minute on CNBC’s Squawk Box to ask some video game advice of his guest.

“Is Beyond Two Souls out yet? You know what I’m talking about?…. Because my son’s always talking about Beyond Two Souls and I’m like ‘Beyoncé Knowles’!?”

To answer your question, Joe — Quantic Dream’s Beyoncé: Knowles is coming out October 8th for the PS3. Here’s the cover, you’re welcome:

Watch This Dad Awkwardly Ask For Video Game Advice On TV

Video: CNBC


  • I imagine that its a sonic clone – (cos If you like it you better put some rings on it).

  • Amusing but it does show the little thought bubble that we are in over here.
    The idea that any regular here wouldn’t have heard of the last of us is a strange thought.
    However outside this thought bubble it seems like that is the norm rather than the exception

    • It seems like they’re “playing dumb” in order to try and appear more “mature and responsible”.

  • Really?

    “The fifth Grand Theft Auto is coming out right? He should not be playing that at 11 years old right?”

    Last week an eight year old shoots his grandmother in the head with a pistol. Apparently because of GTA: IV. That’s what was all over the news last week, now the ‘Big Question’ is if it’s ok for an 11 year old to play 17-18+ rated games??!? Get a grip idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Like I’ve said before (somewhere, not sure if it was here or IRL,) The American media seems to find it easier to just blame GTA than have the balls to admit that Americas gun laws are in dire need of an overhaul.

      • Exactly, and the funny thing is that those news stories, crimes, complaints about games etc. They end up getting the games banned, not in America, but here in Australia. We loose out when we’re not the gun wielding lunatics!

        I know it’s different in the States, and if I were there, I would own a gun. But I would expect extensive criminal history checks, mental illness checks and all the rest, before I was able to get my hands on one.

        I would then expect random, warranted inspections that prove I was keeping my gun and it’s ammunition in safe places and good working conditions.

        If that poor Grandmother survived the gun shot wound in Australia, she would have then been arrested for her carelessness.

      • The funniest thing is the fact that the GTA series
        Is just a slightly distorted reflection of the very issues it is a scapegoat for.

  • Is it just because parents aren’t getting the answer that they want? “No, it’s not alright to let an eleven year-old play GTA. Accept that, and if you disagree, on your head be it.” A week later, the same thing repeats. We should put a sign up, or something… oh, wait, the ESRB already have one – it’s stamped on the box.

    I swear, it reminds me of working retail, where people would open a closed door (and if it was locked, knock to get our attention), disregard the “CLOSED” sign hanging on the door in front of their face, and inquire if we’re still open.

    • Honestly though, some shops do make a kind-hearted exception and will serve someone if they are still in the shop closing up, so from the customer’s POV it is worth a try.

      Obviously if it’s a big chain then it’s a little silly, but I can understand it if you were a smaller operator.

  • Im more laughing at the guy who has no idea, he is said to be the “President, Founder, Editor-in-chief” of BGR, which a Tech website (yes it more for mobiles but it does have a gaming section)
    The guy has no clue about some of the biggest releases of the year for gaming, his website has loads of articals on these things.

  • lol @ the presenter who lets his 11yr old kid play 15+ games like its nothing. He sounds like hes looking for someone to say its alright but his co-presenters are like wtf is wrong with you.

  • I feel for ANY parent dealing with something they don’t understand because it’s important to their kids.

  • The internet is great for looking release dates up. Or, you know – he could have called a local game store. Seriously…

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