Well, This Disney Infinity Ad Sure Was Horribly Placed

Well, This Disney Infinity Ad Sure Was Horribly Placed

Whoever thought it was a good idea to place an ad for a kid's game next to a sombre story about child murder...lord, I don't even know.

The paper in question — spotted by Lauren Wainwright — is Metro, a british tabloid. If you're curious about the story on the right of the picture, which reports bombings south of Baghdad, you can read it here.

[via Lauren Wainwright]


    Ads are mostly sold and placed long before editorial content becomes a factor, which is obvious when you stop to think about how a paper must be put together. Now that doesn't usually stop a paper being rearranged sometime after layouts and before printing, but the longer it went undiscovered, the harder it is to rearrange things unless you're lucky and there's an ad the same size to swap it with and neither party has paid for a particular position in the paper. The ad or the editorial could easily have not hit the page till the last minute and depending on what editorial system they're using the journos/subs may not even have been able to see the ads on the page from their screens, just the spaces they would occupy.

    it's a free newspaper so ads are their only revenue. Chances are something like this will happen again before too long as ads get crammed next to stories with little thought to the layout

    The most likely story is that neither editorial or advertising knew what the other was filling the space with. It's a bad look but no one would have thought it was a good idea. It would have slipped through because the two sides of the paper rarely bother to check the other's work.

    71 dead and the outrage is in advertisement placing?

    First World Problems.

    Or they did it to make Disney look bad, which is perfectly reasonable.

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