A Heartfelt, If Not Slightly Angry Love Song Dedicated To Trolls

You know what they say, you shall love your troll as yourself. The Doubleclicks take this edict to heart by performing an amusing song dedicated to nasty internet trolls... it's kind of sweet!

But I'm sure you can suss a sense of genuine annoyance with trolls, too — with good reason, I'm sure. Trolls aren't pleasant, and I'm sure The Doubleclicks had at least a few to deal with following their 'Nothing To Prove' song that combats the notion of a fake geek girl.

Still, it's a catchy song! Like something I could imagine Zooey Deschanel singing along to. You can download the song here.

Love Song For Internet Trolls - The Doubleclicks [The Doubleclicks]


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