FarmVille Enchanted Glen Stone Trolls: Everything You Need To Know

As with all new farms in FarmVille, Enchanted Glen comes with a series of immovable "treasures" that can only be opened and removed after collecting a variety of materials from friends. In this case, however, these treasures are moving, apparently living creatures called Stone Trolls. They like to stomp in place and shake their arms, bringing life and personality to your farm while they're around.

Like in past farms, these Stone Trolls come in multiple sizes and require different items to unlock. From small to large, here's a look at the materials required for each Troll, and how you can earn them.

• Small Troll - 10 Vials of Sunlight • Medium Troll - 22 Vials of Sunlight • Large Troll - 28 Magic Mushrooms • Extra Large Troll - 42 Magic Mushrooms

All of these items are earned through general requests to your news feed, but luckily, you can post two requests for each item before having to wait. That is, you can post a request for Vials of Sunlight by hovering over both a Small and a Medium Troll, earning twice the amount of collectibles at once. We'll likely see more Trolls stomp onto on our farms as we expand, though the only Enchanted Glen expansions available right now cost at least 20 Farm Cas.

While many treasures in FarmVille are ugly, these Trolls are actually quite cute, but the rewards they contain are even better. You'll find different items after removing each Troll, with better, larger items coming from larger Trolls, as you might expect. Whether an animal or a decoration, these Trolls are definitely worth removing in the long run. Make sure to collect as many Vials of Sunlight and Magic Mushrooms as you can, while all of your friends are surely busy doing the same.

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Have you already removed any Stone Trolls from your new Enchanted Glen farm? What sorts of prizes did you receive for doing so? Sound off in the comments!

Brandy Shaul is an editor at Republished with permission.


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