Here’s How To Unlock Aaron’s Locker In Stellar Blade

Here’s How To Unlock Aaron’s Locker In Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade, the Nier: Auotmata-ish PS5 character action game, has a bunch of chests to unlock that give you all kinds of sweet rewards, from healing items to gold to crafting resources. Many of these chests require that you input a sequence of buttons in an allotted time limit, while others need a passcode to open. There’s one in Xion, the game’s main hub world, that’s like this, demanding a passcode before unlocking. It’s called Aaron’s Locker and, truth be told, you may already have what you need to get the chest opened.

There’s a bulletin board in Xion that our heroine, the heel-wearing bad bitch Eve, can interact with. Next to gossip girl and info dealer Roxanne, this pinboard is a mission repository filled with side quests, including one called “Looking for My Brother.” Left by an NPC named Melina, this optional objective asks that you figure out where her brother, Aaron, wound up. He was last seen in the Wasteland, the first of Stellar Blade’s many open zones that you may have already scoured for loot. If so, then yeah, it’s totally possible you snatched up the passcode to Aaron’s Locker without knowing where the hell his trunk even is. Don’t worry, though, I’ll walk you through what to do with Aaron’s passcode, and where to find the thing if you haven’t gotten it already.

Where, oh where did Melina’s bro go?

After you’ve accepted the “Looking for My Brother” side quest, you’re going to the Wasteland. Telephones are this game’s version of fast travel, so when you get to the giant desert area, head to the first telephone you see, and fast travel to the easternmost telephone. It’s fine if you haven’t gotten that telephone yet, as you can just sprint all the way there. You’re heading as far east as you can go anyway, since that’s where Aaron was last seen. There’s a bit of platforming over some stalagmites you’ll need to do to reach the location, but once there, you’ll see a stack of miscellaneous junk and wooden boxes. Bypass that by either jumping over or hooking a right around it, and you’ll come up to a machine. (There are a couple of bodies around that you should loot; they hold lore bits.)

Screenshot: Sony / Shift Up / Kotaku

Punch the button on the machine and three floating targets will pop out from the floor. Shoot them before they go back underground. (Don’t worry about messing this up; you can do this as many times as you need to.) Once that’s done, the floor from whence those targets came will remain open. Get in the pit. It’s OK. I’m not setting you up, I swear. This is where Aaron’s body is, and yep, he’s definitely dead. Loot his corpse. You’ll find his passcode and complete the side quest. Stellar Blade has a nice little feature that lets you quickly fast travel back to the Xion bullet board to turn in optional objectives when the moment they’re finished, so hold the X button, and return to the main hub world.

Screenshot: Sony / Shift Up / Kotaku

Now, where in the world is Aaron’s Locker?

Once you’ve gotten the passcode—which is “αζαζαζ,” but it doesn’t really matter since you can’t input passcodes in Stellar Blade until you actually have them in your inventory—it’s time to get Aaron’s goods. From Xion’s bulletin board where you kiki with Roxy, you’re going north. There’s a tunnel leading up to Aaron’s Locker that’s next to the info dealer. Take that tunnel, input the passcode into the terminal and, boom, the gate to his trunk opens up.

Screenshot: Sony / Shift Up / Kotaku

Kick the box to your left and you’ll receive a bunch of solid resources for crafting outfits and improving equipment, which is awesome because it’ll help you get way stronger and look way cuter. On a table a little further in the back is a vintage computer with a green-lit screen. Interact with it to read through Aaron’s Journal, a document that reveals quite a bit of lore about Stellar Blade’s narrative. I won’t spoil what Aaron knows, but yikes, it doesn’t look good for some characters who call themselves the “good guys” when you first meet them.

Screenshot: Sony / Shift Up / Kotaku

With that all out of the way, you’re now done with both Aaron’s Locker and the “Looking for My Brother” side quest. Of course, this is just one of many optional objectives that Stellar Blade has to offer, some of which don’t always make sense but help flesh the world out more while others tell movingly tragic love stories. The game has a lot to give and, if you’re not too careful, it can get rather tough. So, be sure to check out our best tips for starting out, recommendations for the necessary skills to unlock first, and the essential settings to tweak.

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