Stellar Blade’s ‘Secret Request’ Side Quest, Explained

Stellar Blade’s ‘Secret Request’ Side Quest, Explained

There are over 30 side missions for you to accept in Stellar Blade, the new PS5-exclusive character action game from South Korean developer Shift Up, each with their own outcomes and rewards. Some are simple fetch quests, while others are multi-part affairs that see Eve impacting the lives of other characters. One, however, is an objective that, no matter what you do, will always be refused. What gives? Well, if you were just as confused as I was, don’t worry. I’ll explain what’s going on with the “Secret Request” side mission.

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As you embark on your journey as Eve, a soldier tasked with eradicating an alien invasion to save a desecrated Earth, you’ll land in Xion. This is the main hub world that both connects to the handful of open zones for you to explore and houses a bevy of characters for you to interact with. While in Xion, you’ll come across a bulletin board with missions to do. As you complete objectives from this little checklist of sorts, eventually you’ll hit one called Secret Request. Like the name implies, it’s a total mystery, though the message itself spells out exactly what the unnamed person is asking of Eve: drugs. They want drugs.

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“Look, you know the good stuff, right?” the objective begins. “Those little drops that twinkle all green. Shhh. Those Orcal jerks can’t find out about this. I know it’s forbidden. But so what if, you know, while I’m overclocking my brain, it, uhh…fizzles? Or goes totally kaput? Or—oh, whatever. Anyway, why do they have to get in our way like this? We need a little bit of happiness to survive in this godforsaken wasteland, don’t we? If you bring me some drops, I’ll give you a crazy reward. But don’t get caught. Got it?”

Eve’s refusal to deal drugs in Stellar Blade

Clearly “those little drops that twinkle all green” are some kind of narcotic, though not one I’ve seen referenced elsewhere in my 30-plus hours with Stellar Blade. In any case, it turns out Eve has her own ideas about the moral acceptability of such an errand. Right when you accept the Secret Request, she has an internal dialogue about how overclocking your brain is far too intense for her and she refuses to become a drug dealer, and she instantly and automatically rejects the mission.

There’s more context for why Eve refuses to fulfill the mystery person’s request. She’s called an “angel” throughout the game, in large part because she descends from the sky to save humanity. She’s also a goody two-shoes who couldn’t bear the ramifications of breaking the law, and since the Secret Request is all about breaking the law, Eve really ain’t about it. Bummer, because the reward for the quest is 5,000 gold. That’s nothing to sneeze at, and so I was very much surprised Pikachu face when I accepted the Secret Request only for it to get rejected without my say-so. I thought I’d done something wrong, or that maybe I missed the opportunity to turn it in, but nope. Eve just won’t do it, period. So don’t feel bad if she rejects it in your playthrough, too. She’s just straight edge.

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And that’s that. There’s really nothing you can do about Secret Request, unfortunately, other than simply accept the neat little world-building that it provides in Stellar Blade. I wish you and I could get that nice 5,000 gold reward, but by the time you get to this quest, which is about a third of the way through the game, you’ll have more than enough gold to purchase whatever you need from the many vendors in Xion. Besides, there are many other quests to undertake, like one that’s basically a Shakespearean tragedy. It’s a good one.

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