Project EVE Is Now Called Stellar Blade, Coming 2023

Project EVE Is Now Called Stellar Blade, Coming 2023

Project EVE was first announced around this time last year as part of a jam-packed PlayStation showcase, with a 4-minute gameplay trailer showcasing fast-paced action gameplay in a post-apocalyptic world filled with yucky creatures. It’s being developed by a Korean studio called Shift Up Corporation and at that point, it was called Project EVE. However, it is not called Project EVE anymore as apparently, that name was a placeholder.

Ever since then, crickets. Nada. Nuthin’. There were a whole lot of people comparing the game to the Nier: Automata, claiming that Shift Up were ripping off the post-apocalyptic series. However, Nier‘s director Yoko Taro actually loved the look of the game, with his one response to the trailer being ‘buy.’.

Beyond that, we hadn’t seen much else. Just speedy smash-y gameplay with an anime-esque protagonist. Thankfully, today’s PlayStation State of Play, in conjunction with the Tokyo Game Show, shed a new light on Project EVE with a new story trailer, a new release window, and a whole new name in Stellar Blade.

The game once called Project EVE is now known as Stellar Blade, with the PlayStation Blog explaining the title as, “a combination of ‘Stellar,’ which signifies stars in Latin, and ‘Blade,’ which defines Eve’s existence.” Not gonna lie folks, this one went right over my head. I don’t know what that shit means. Go off, regardless!

Stellar Blade‘s new story trailer covers how the protagonist Eve (who is definitely still called Eve, not Blade, as she might be mistaken for Wesley Snipes) and her besties head to Earth and meet Adam, who takes them to mankind’s last remaining city on Earth, Xion (Me, somebody whose only book they’ve read is the Bible: I’m getting major Bible vibes from this).

The gameplay and visuals are giving me likenesses on all fronts. I’m getting a bit of Nier, a bit of Bayonetta, and even a bit of Dark Souls. All in all, I like what I’m seeing and I’m excited to get my hands on it.

Outside of the very slick gameplay, other information revealed in the trailer includes that Stellar Blade will be a PlayStation 5 console exclusive and that we should expect it to release next year in 2023.

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