Don't Look At Cops In GTA V. They'll Kill You.

The sign clearly says "No loitering" in the video above, but it's still nothing compared to, say, breaking into a military base. JaltoidGames shows us how weird and funny the police AI in Grand Theft Auto V can be, and how extremely serious they are about keeping order.

Well, this is just how things work in Los Santos. Better not stare at them next time!

F*** the police [JaltoidGames, YouTube]


    Why are all the GTA5 stories being posted under PC? Is it a Kotaku conspiracy to brainwash PC Elitists into buying a console?

      It worked on me!

      I think Kotaku is trying to troll the PC master race.

      Because if they picked a console to put it under and not the other, you'd have a whinge about that too.

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      I don't know but it is insanely annoying.

      I want to be able to click on "PC" and get news about... PC games.

        GTA V is indeed an upcoming PC game, common sense...

    Cops are fkn mental in GTA5, although if you run at first you'd only have one star, once you submit and then run you gain an extra star.

    I'm kind of disappointed by the 'psychic police' of GTA. Still got a ways to go. Yes, it's cool that pedestrians can call the cops and report you on their phones, that's great. But when there is literally not a single person in sight and I silently cap a cop, I'm at three three stars and on the radar instantly, even though there's no CCTV and no-one anywhere can see me or should know that this 'officer' (actually a security guard) is down.

    The second you take down one of the brothers in blue, the psychic cop hivemind is instantly aware. It's kind of bullshit and a little jarring when they've put so much effort into making so many other things believable.

      I understand the point, but ultimately gameplay mechanics have to prevail. A manhunt for a cop killer could IRL run tirelessly for months, would be investigated by a detective force in addition to street cops, and wouldn't be stymied by a change of clothes or hiding in an alley for thirty seconds.

      Edit: erm, reading back, I'm not sure what I was trying to say. I guess my point was that while the system might seem punitive, it could have been much tougher...?

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        Maybe what you were trying to say was that you can only take realism so far before it gets in the way of game mechanics and fun.

        I haven't played enough of GTA 5 yet, so I'll use PAYDAY 2 as my example. In the game world, fully armed and mobilised cops can show up just moments after an alarm triggers. You need them to do that for game mechanics and such.
        If they didn't notice or start zeroing in on you fairly quickly, you could get away with too much, which is decidedly less fun and makes the cops too small a part of the game.

      Aliens, the cops and the aliens are working together.

      Were there buildings around? Maybe no CCTV but it's quite plausible that the buildings you can't enter all have people in them that run to the window and call it in. But yes, I agree, they shouldn't know who you are or be able to find you without a witness.

    NPC'S are the same. I stood near a family bbq and they instantly phone the police. A bit annoying actually.

    This (video) happened to me playing as Franklin and I assumed it was a commentary about racial profiling. Glad to see them giving middle-class white people as much authoritarian oppression... I guess.

    I walked over the dead body of a cop that died in a shootout with some random AI, the other cop turned around an one shot killed me with a shotgun.

    True to life!!

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