How To Get Online For Final Fantasy XIV (Eventually)

You know the 1017 error? You do if you've been trying to play Final Fantasy XIV! It's the message for a full server. YouTube user Beingbanana came up with an "easy fix".

Just make sure you have chopsticks, a battery and your copy of Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics. Very important!

How to fix 1017 error (Server Full) in FFXIV ARR [[email protected]]


    And here was me watching a video playlist of 80s-90s cartoon intros and manually logging in like a chump after every intro finished.

    I personally use autohotkey and code it to mash numpad0 when I press F8.

    And then you cancel out of queue. Repeatedly.

      The queue doesn't actually work most of the time. You can just get in regardless.

    You could also suggest that PC users use auto hotkey and find a script that does exactly this with less effort and without the silly contraption.

    I'm happy to say I've been playing since launch (Odin server) and the game has performed flawlessly. Not a single login issue. From my perspective the launch has been an amazing success!

      I feel like I should be making a note here, but "amazing success" is not QUITE right. Can we go with "huge success" so that the joke works?

    Or, you can just download a program that spams 0 on the num pad continuously. It's alot more easier.

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