Let's Talk About Multiplayer Games

Let's Talk About Multiplayer Games

A short The Multiplayer column today, because I've spent the last 3 days getting destroyed by a cold. So! I'll turn it over to you guys:

1) What multiplayer games are you playing lately? What games are you looking forward to? Feel free to talk about anything and everything multiplayer in here, think of it as an open multiplayer thread.

2) Like Jason did with Random Encounters last week, I invite you to send me questions at [email protected] for an upcoming mailbag column where I answer the intriguing questions about multiplayer games I receive. I'm excited to see what you guys come up with~

Have fun! (Also, try to stay healthy and cold-free!)

The Multiplayer is a weekly column that looks at how people crash into each other while playing games. It runs every Monday at 6PM ET.


    MP games i've been playing? None since I stopped playing WoW last November.

    Multiplayer games I am looking forward to? GTA Online next week!

    I haven't played any multiplayer since about two weeks after Halo 4 came out. After that I let my gold subscription lapse.

    I might renew for GTA Online. Might.

    Currently playing Ragnarok Online 2 with friends (it is getting better...slowly) with a bit of Guild Wars 2 on the side (just recently returned actually, after a year of not playing)

    Looking forward to see how Elder Scrolls Online comes around. I think I'll wait until there's a couple of reviews to see whether that subscription is worth it...

      I was playing Ragnarok 2 online, i even spent $30 on stuff from the cash shop spent it on timed objects, and the very next day they released a patch that ruined the game for 3 weeks, i was unable to do dungeons or go to new area;s because NO NPC's or players would load, just barren landscape...

      After a week i logged a support ticket, i was told its a known issue and being investigated.
      After 3 weeks i logged a ticket asking if the timers on the items that i payed money for would be reset as i have been unable to play for 3 weeks, or if id get reimbursed to repurchase the items...
      i was kindly told to get stuffed, and that all transactions were final, because the micro transactions are managed by a seperate company.

        Ouch that's just unlucky - I cant really see that holding up though. I Enjoyed Ragnarok online 2 but stopped playing it for Tera, which I stopped playing for LoL/Aoe2HD/Awesomenauts mix that I play with friends now, the 3 of those games keep me plenty busy outside of full time employment.

        As for weekends still have the occasional blast on COD and I enjoy the pokemon TCG online too :)

          WAIT..... THERES A POKEMON TCG ONLINE!!!!!!!

            Yeah its official n everything (you get codes through booster packs, but I and most other players just buy codes off ebay cheap) the game itself plays really well.

              yeah i found it and have been hooked now for days..... its very well done

    Currently playing Hawken (recent major update is good!) and FFXIV with friends.
    Looking forward to GTA:V online and all the next gen games... so close... yet so far...

    Barely touched Multiplayer anything since Halo 4. Even that I stopped during summer.

    All about Titanfall now.

    Broke the 450 hour Mark of ARMA III last week, of which almost all that time was spent playing the wasteland multiplayer mod. I'm a little ashamned to admit to still be playing Black Ops 2, but I am. I'm rather excited for the Battlefield 4 MP beta and wish Titanfall would hurry the hell up and install itself on my pc. Oh, and an indie flight combat game called strike vector looks very promising.

    Last edited 24/09/13 3:00 pm

    Team Fortress 2 still goes strongly among my friends. I pick up Starcraft 2 now and then. Splinter Cell Blacklist has been fun for a while!

    I'm a pretty stable NBA 2K, CoD & Halo multiplayer kind of guy with other games thrown in there from time to time. Most looking forward to Titanfall, but I will prob drop everything else in the meantime to concentrate on GTA Online as soon as it's out.

    Payday 2, because it's probably the only FPS I play where I can go hours and hours before I run into a douchey player. Reckon I'll look up The Elder Scrolls, Star Citizen and GTA V, when they're good to go. I was really looking forward to the Romulans in STO, but the game's been a big let down for me ever since it went FTP. It kinda was before, but it's the only place I can get my Star Trek fix. I really want to get into Day Z, because I love the concept, but I can stand most players I meet and the bandit culture of the game. I probably just haven't found the right crew...

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    I'm currently playing Elsword... I'm ignoring the other players but it's still an MMO

    As much as I'm looking forward to GTA Online, and despite how much fun it will be, there is only one over the top open world sandbox online game for me. Because San Andreas is only 16 (maybe 32) players at once, I feel as if it will be too empty. So for that, I introduce Just Cause 2 Multiplayer. Seriously, 1000 players on the same map at once. Absolute madness. I cannot stress how much fun this game is

    I have been playing a lot of Battlefield 3 in preparation for the Battlefield 4 Beta/game. I'm extremely excited for Titanfall and I am hoping to get more details of the game. I would like to hear how it is going to play out in the Australia in regards to servers and the player base.

    I am also going to take a look at Call of Duty Ghosts but I am waiting to see how good or bad the MP turns out to be before taking the jump back into Call of Duty.

    Still playing Battlefield 3 quite a bit, and will transition across to Battlefield 4 once that comes out.

    Been meaning to try The Last Of Us multiplayer, but just never got around to it. Didn't really buy it for MP anyway, and I suspect it's probably a ghost town by now.

      "Been meaning to try The Last Of Us multiplayer, but just never got around to it. Didn't really buy it for MP anyway, and I suspect it's probably a ghost town by now." Give it a try, it really is something apart from the pack and plays much more thoughtful and tactical then alot of multiplayer games. And there are still heaps of people playing it :)

    Same as above. BF3. Played it a lot on 360. Mixed it up when ps+ gave it away. BF3/PS3. Oh and NFS most wanted.

    I think I need to dig out MAG again on the weekend. Won't be long before the servers are turned off, and it's a pretty damn good game - so long as you're playing for SVER ;)

    I haven't touched anything online since WoW, to be honest.

    SWTOR, Diablo 3, BF3. Thought about installing CS last night too after thinking of Dust, Office, and Italy.

    Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe with my Brother and girlfriend. Boom!

    Planetside 2 and BF3. however havent touched them in months.

    It sucks being an adult with responsibilities :(

    Planetside 2 still getting a bit of a workout
    Intermixing that with some chivalry

    Nothing much on the horizon that I am really keen to try out

    Myself and a mate are smashing Diablo 3 the console version. Done a Normal, Nightmare play-though and just started Hell. Playing GTA of course and have a crew ready for Online :)

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