Play The 2013 NFL Season With 22-Year-Old Tecmo Super Bowl

The mad magicians keeping Tecmo Super Bowl alive nearly 22 years after its debut have released their latest mod — Tecmo Super Bowl 2014, featuring all of the teams and players of the current league, just in time for the NFL’s season opener tomorrow.

This is the seventh update of the NES classic, thanks to the merry band led by Matt Knobbe, Keith Good (no relation), Devon Scalisi and Dave Murray at They’ve updated the game’s playbooks, rosters, schedules and uniforms for all 32 NFL teams (there were 28 when the game launched in 1991).

That also means a new attract-mode introduction (above), featuring Aaron Rodgers (swapped for Joe Montana), Adrian Peterson (taking the place of Barry Sanders), and Houston’s J.J. Watt (instead of Lawrence Taylor Will Piss On You.)

Available platforms include PC, Mac and Linux for those with emulators and, cough cough, Ouya if you can, cough cough, figure out a way to get ROMs onto that device. Presents: Tecmo Super Bowl 2014 []

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