The Best* GTA V Review Is Now A Catchy Song

The Best* GTA V Review Is Now A Catchy Song

There are plenty of serious, lengthy, thorough reviews of Grand Theft Auto V. But one review stands apart — probably because the person who wrote it didn't even play the game.

That person was critic, journalist and sometime Kotaku contributor Leigh Alexander, who wrote a sight-unseen "review" on her website satirizing some of the discussion and controversy that arose on the first day of GTA reviews.

Now, you can dance to it. Singer/songwriter Jonathan Mann has gone ahead and made this musical reinterpretation of the song, complete with catchy hooks:

Sing it with me now:

What, you wanna give me death threats / Go for it / Go for it

It even features a vocal cameo from Ms. Alexander herself, lifted from the audio version of her review.

*OK, just the funniest. Obviously the official Kotaku review is the actual best.


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