The Way Americans Ski Jump Is Bonkers... According To A Japanese Game

The Way Americans Ski Jump Is Bonkers...According to a Japanese Game

So, um. Apparently I've been watching the wrong type of ski jumping!

The GIF above is a clip from Ski Jump Pairs, a Japanese ski jumping game with an amazing take on the sport. Observe this footage provided by Funny Video Daily:

You can't even get mad at the football stereotype.

Oh, it gets better, too. And by better I mean more ridiculous. We're talkin' like, explosions and being catapulted out of the planet type ridiculous, according to this video uploaded by kazio3.


Thanks Alex!


    lol midgets... footballs.... Im all for this!!!

      For some weird reason I couldn't stop laughing at this last night! Perhaps it was the hilarious commentators too.

    This looks like the most awesome game ever.

    Where can I get a copy?

    I noticed the little guy's helmet was prominently emblazoned with the word "IDIOTS".

    Anyway, is it my imagination or does one of the sequences in the credits show one skier using a ski to clean the ear of the other? At least it resembles the traditional (Japanese) picture of one lover cleaning the other's ear...

      haha no, it's not your imagination. That is indeed an ear cleaning (mimisouji) session happening haha.

    totally want this game anyone have a link?!?

      pretty sure this is a really old ps2 game, i remember a friend having a copy years ago when i was in high school circa 2005/6

        nope just did some research
        @geoffd @patricia-hernandez -

        its not a game at all; its actually a 3d animated short film by Riichiro Mashima. :

        Last edited 13/09/13 12:18 pm

    So...this is Kotaku now? Taking reddits? For shame Hernandez.

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