This Is Actually The Citizen Kane Of Video Games

This Is Actually The Citizen Kane Of Video Games

There’s been a lot of chatter, in recent years, about the “Citizen Kane” of video games — that one achievement that will drag the world of gaming into our collective cultural consciousness, and convince all the naysayers that video games are indeed works of art.

Well, it’s here. Our Citizen Kane has arrived. Citizen Kane: the JRPG.

For years, video games have been moving further and further away from “toys” and more towards their one true goal: To Be Art.

With C. Kane, the dream of a thousand indie game designers has finally been fulfilled. Critics have asked when games would get their own Citizen Kane; we have answered their question. The answer is right now, in this game whose manual you are reading. Thank you for supporting Games As Art!

C. Kane is a short form turn-based RPG that streamlines the genre to its basics; fighting monsters, talking to people, playing dress up. Dungeons are minimalist, graphics are monochrome. Random battles are no more, bosses are numerous. A Shark guides the way. An original hip hop soundtrack provides the beats.

Check it out right here. Download is free.


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