Walking Around A Hangar Is One The Best 'Games' I've Played This Year

There's something fantastic about owning your own ship in a video game. From Final Fantasy to Mass Effect, whenever they're given the chance to not just travel the world but explore the vehicle that gets them there, a surprisingly strong bond is formed between player and ship.

Star Citizen, the upcoming space game by Wing Commander Chris Roberts, is taking this to levels that my inner 14-year-old could only ever dream of. When I was a kid, playing Privateer and X-Wing, my perfect game would have been one where I not only flew a spaceship, but could get in and out of the pilot's seat seamlessly, exploring its corridors and getting to know every inch of its hull as though I actually owned the damn thing in real life.

Star Citizen's Hangar Module lets you do just that. Released as a sort of thank you letter to backers of the crowd-sourced game, there's very little to do. You certainly can't take off and fly a ship. All you can do is walk around, climb in your ship (or ships, depending how much you backed the game) and... get back out again.

Sounds boring, and in isolation it would be, but the fact you'll be able to do this in the final game is something space shooter junkies have been longing after for decades.

There's a tiny sequence in Star Wars, near the end, where Luke runs his palm across the underside of his X-Wing. It's as tender and thoughtful as Luke gets in the entire trilogy, because it's not his lady, or his dad, it's his ship.

If Star Citizen can make us feel that way about our ships in the game, it'll be one hell of a game.


    To add to my previous post. Welcome back Chris Roberts. Ive missed your games so much. Please dont ever leave us again :)

    This with Oculus Rift is going to blow our minds away!

    No, no, no. If it's a hangar, that's where maintenance happens: you don't move a honking huge ship / plane / whatever elsewhere, just to swap out the engines for maintenance.
    Service gantries! Tool boxes! Ships you can't fly should be stripped down, so you can look at engines & cables & fuel tanks! Got laser damage? Have a few panels off the side, lined up with replacements, and an option to check the underlying frame for damage.

    ESPECIALLY when you can't fly the damn things...

    Shown here, in order: Origin Jumpworks 325A "Arbiter", RSI Constellation "Connie", MISC Freelancer.

    This is also the previous patched version of the hangar. They fixed the "crossing in to the second bay of ships cuts out the sound" bug in today's patch.

    See you in the 'verse!

    "Sir, I really must ask, are you actually planning on buying any of these ships, or are you just here to kick the landing skids ?"

    If this game wound up any good, I'd buy the Oculus Rift just for it. I wouldn't even care if no other game supported the device, just this would be enough. This is what gets my nerd boner going, Freelancer, Privateer, Wing Commander.. something The Old Republic under-delivered on.

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