Wing Commander's Spiritual Sequel Sets New Crowdfunding Record

Want proof that people want to soar through the cosmos in video games again? The people who've helped Chris Roberts' upcoming space sim Star Citizen smash through more than $US5.5 million of crowdfunding pledges are giving doubters all the evidence they might need.

$US3,821,900 of that comes from direct contributions on the Roberts while Kickstarter accounts for the other $US1,910,818. Now, Roberts has the benefits of being synonymous with Wing Commander, one of gaming's true cultural phenomenon. But he's also making an ambitious new game on a platform that's taken for granted in a genre that's supposed to be dead and forgotten. And when news of Star Citizen first surfaced, it was impossible not to gawp at the huge sum Roberts was stumping for.

So the fact that $US2 million goal was eclipsed by a margin of more than double is a pretty impressive accomplishment. Star Citizen is about two years away, but now Roberts and crew have the cash to deliver a game that will be worth the wait.


    I backed it, it's been too long since there was a decent space sim about. Fingers crossed it will be as amazing as it sounds.

    Given the success of it all, i'm expecting to see a few space titles from EA,Ubi, etc... which will probably be terrible.

    Final tally was 6.2 million I believe.

    This time last week I was just hoping it would reach 4 million, then things went ballistic over the weekend after they released information on the Constellation pledge ship.

    Congrats Chris Roberts!

    This is just fantastic news! :D Best design in a space game EVER!

    Pledged for this yesterday. Glad it got over the 6 mill mark.

      Me too.. I was following the project.. but wasn't till yesterday that I succumbed to the hype :)

      Same. I had always succumbed to the hype but didn't want to spend money. Then I realised 1) Wing Commander 2 was the first game I ever bought for the PC and it cost my $110. When I was 12! 2) For $35 I can get early access to the next great game in my favourite genre of games.

      It was a no brainer. Tempted to pay the $60 to get a better ship, but then I'd miss that awesome "LEVELED UP!" feeling that I'll get from earning enough to move on from the entry level.

      Really looking forward to this. More than any other game in years.

    It was bloody fun watching the counter during the day & thinking "Oh well it probably won't get to 5 million. It'll have to peter out before 5.5 million... Shit they're really going to break 6 million!"

    Bet the major publishers who reject space sims out of hand (because they're basically not call of duty) are a bit pissed

    Glad to hear they made such a high mark. Highly looking forward to this game but I just went on a holiday so I haven't been able to pledge any money towards it. Will be great to check it out when it releases, even though I won't start with a fancy ship :P

    this was the first thing i ever bothered to help fund

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