A Great-Looking Game With A Beautiful Soundtrack To Match

A Great-Looking Game With A Beautiful Soundtrack To Match

Earlier this week, we took a look at the stunning visual beauty of the backgrounds and enemy sprites of Arcadias no Ikusahime (The Warrior Princess of Arcadias). Of course, visuals are only half of the presentation package. Thankfully, Arcadias no Ikusahime has a quality soundtrack to match.

Honestly, the soundtrack of Arcadias no Ikusahime seems built around matching the visuals. The castle and town have upbeat, lively tunes — underscoring the light hearted comedy and conversations that take place there. Out in the world, some jungles have a tribal beat while the deserts have a clear Arabian musical theme — and even the snow-covered mountain tops have a chime-filled score than can only be described as icy. Boss fights get everything from fast-paced classical scores to empowering J-pop tracks.

It really is the mark of a good soundtrack when, despite the engrossing action taking place on screen, you are drawn to notice just how well the music fits and how catchy the tunes are. But don’t take my word for it; check out some of the choice selections from the soundtrack below.

There Will Come Some Strange Songs (Title Screen Theme)

Drive Out (Second Boss Theme)

Thorn (First Boss Theme)

Night in the Nonaggression (Ice Area Theme)

Rimito Tappeto (Wasteland Ruins)

Free Fun! (Town Theme)

Arcadias no Ikusahime was released in Japan on September 26, 2013, for the PlayStation 3. There is currently no word on an international release.

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