Call Of Duty: Ghosts Has Plans For Clans

Clans clans clans. I often wonder why the video game world chose the word 'clan' for the little groups we form in video games. Is it because we want to be massive ginger Scottish warriors in kilts? Is it because it rhymes with 'plan' or 'man'?

Regardless, please find above a nice little video that discusses Call of Duty: Ghosts and its plans for clans... man. To be perfectly honest it doesn't seem like there's too much innovation here: except for the ability to have clans work across multiple platforms. That is actually a pretty cool idea and I hope other video games follow suit.

But do people still take part in the whole clan thing? I remember Halo 2 had clans back in 2004, but eventually killed all the clan playlists due to lack of interest. I guess Call of Duty: Ghosts is filtering in all the XP bonus stuff to motivate people to play, but is that enough? And if you have to motivate people to use clan systems are they worth having in the first place?

I don't know. But this video has a fair amount of new multiplayer Call of Duty: Ghosts footage, so it's worth watching for that.


    I've never really used the 'clan' aspect of a CoD game. I've only gone so far as to share a 'clan tag'. All I've ever really seen is people just joining up in a party and playing together. Rarely am I online with more than 2 or 3 people playing CoD at the same time.

    Team work has no place in CoD.

      Thats actually an incredibly accurate statement, when i want a team based game i play CS:S or BF, when i want to rip it up solo i go COD because you know no one else is interested in playing as a team or playing the objectives, its 16 people playing domination or CTF game types but all actually just playing TDM

    There is NO point in having any clan related features if the servers aren't DEDICATED and user managed.

      All platforms will have dedicated servers for CoD:Ghosts.

      also: @mark-serrels I think your guess about them wanting to emulate ginger men in kilts is probably accurate.

        I call BS, until i see it, blops2 was "dedicated servers" as well, they LIED, its a shitty host system disguised as dedicated servers.

    Im in a xbox lan club here in WA....we have a gta crew, so i dont see why not...we only play as teams mainly anyway

    The problem is, I enjoy COD games. Except MW3. However as someone who loves FPS games, it's now just a side FPS I play here and there. I would never be bothered dedicating myself to this clan stuff. COD is just a game you jump in, play for a bit here and there and leave.

    I was reading your comments about how cod is pretty much a one player game. But if you played cod multiplayer since the beginning you can see and appreciate what they are trying to do. I feel the claning idea is just to reward you for playing with people you already do. Aka for people who are social with other people in the comunity. I am a "lone wolf" player but am excited to clan it up with buddy's and earnpoints together. It is nice how convenient they are making it to have fullcontrol over your clan. I feel that other fps are in the same boat as cod you can only mask the smell of poop until people get sick of it. Change is good!

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