Free To Play Or Not, The New Ace Combat Looks Great

Let's forget about microtransactions for a second and concentrate on what makes Ace Combat great: the gameplay and the atmosphere. These two gameplay videos have plenty of both.

The vids were taken from the second and fourth story missions, respectively, of the air combat game's international version (meaning they're in English). It may be a free-to-play campaign, but it certainly doesn't look tacked-on. We'll see when the game comes out later this year.

PS3「ACE COMBAT INFINITY」 Gameplay: Great Migration [YouTube] PS3「ACE COMBAT INFINITY」 Gameplay: Stonehenge [YouTube]


    It looks like they decided to ditch that ridiculous dog fight mode. That alone will make this game a hundred times better than Assault Horizon. Thank you Namco Bandai.

      Ahh yes, the ol' "disable physics" button....... *sigh* I've never cancelled a pre-order after playing a demo faster in my life.....

      Hoping this one goes back to the awesomeness ace-combat once was...

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