Glorious New Zelda 3DS XL Puts Light And Dark In Your Hands

Glorious New Zelda 3DS XL Puts Light And Dark In Your Hands

In Europe, Nintendo is releasing a new Legend of Zelda themed 3DS XL. It sure is pretty.

The 3DS XL takes its visual motif from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and it looks to be a clear reference to Hyrule/Lorule dual world.

The limited edition Zelda 3DS XL will be available when A Link Between Worlds launches in Europe on November 22. It comes with a download code for the game.

Glorious New Zelda 3DS XL Puts Light And Dark In Your Hands
Glorious New Zelda 3DS XL Puts Light And Dark In Your Hands
Glorious New Zelda 3DS XL Puts Light And Dark In Your Hands



    DO WANT! I've always been jealous of my XL brethren, and not just because promo video game T-shirts are always made for XL sized chaps. The regular old 3DS is a wee bit small, but at least we have a higher DPI! (I'm pretty sure it's not noticeable)

      It actually is pretty noticeable, you can see the individual pixels while you play. It's not really something that I care too much about, though.

        I find it only results in a few jaggies on certain models every so often. Strangely, I find the effect is lessened when you have 3D turned on.

        This is my biggest problem with the 3DS XL too. I'm a pixel density whore. The 'standard' 3DS is... passable, but after surrounding myself in 469 ppi phones and 300+ ppi tablets, the pixels on the XL hurt my eyes. #firstworldproblems

    Hooray! Yet another thing that Nintendo Australia won't bring to us.

      YES IT DID! At ebGames

    Going to import fo' sho'. Be my first Nintendo console since the 64. :) Does that mean that I'd have to import games as well?

      I'm not sure if the 3DS is region locked or not. If it is, then I don't think you will need to import. Europe uses PAL.

        Very much region locked, unfortunately. Stupid Nintendo.

    At least we got the pokemon xy XL, I picked one up with the game when it came out!

    wait so - im finding conflicting information out there - EU and AU are both PAL but if you were to import an EU 3DS XL can you play aussie games on it / connect to the aussie eshop? ie. is the region lock just PAL/NTSC or is it specific enough to nock out EU/AU compatibility?

      As someone with an Aussie 3DS and several working Euro 3DS games, I can vouch vice versa would work. You're able to switch between the Australia/NZ and Euro stores whenever you want, I've done it a few times to download stuff we didn't get.

      There are 3 main regions: PAL (Europe), NTSC (America), and NTSC-J (Japan).
      All 3DS games and 3DS consoles fall under one of these regions. A PAL 3DS from anywhere will play PAL games from anywhere else. So you are fine to play aussie games on a UK 3DS or vise-versa.
      The eShop works a bit different in there there is a different eShop for most countries. You can change your eShop region setting on the 3DS between any regions in your main region. So on an aussie 3DS you can go to the UK eShop to buy games (but not the USA or Japanese ones).
      The catch here is that you might need a local credit card for that area, or need to buy 3DS point cards online in order to purchase things on that eShop.

      These rules generally hold true for all Nintendo home consoles too as well as the DSi and the 2DS (almost certainly).

    also just tried to see if amazon uk would ship to aus... computer says no... :( is a go but $330? man dunno if i want to pay that much more... any idea what previous "special console with downloadable games" bundles cost in au?

        They cost nothing because they aren't even available here to begin with. Nintendo's starting to piss me off with leaving us out of the picture.

          Really? We didn't get the Mario kart one? Hmm did not realised this. Still, might hold off a week at least in case nintendo aus does come good. Judging by general uk pricing I can see it being 280-290 here which would be a decent saving.

    Oh man, please make this available here. I need this. I need it.

    Going with the trend, any special addition 3DS will be worth more after stock runs out. Im guessing this one will be quite high as fire emblem is not as widely known or looks as unique as this.

    Well... I guess I'll have to bid my little blue 3DS farewell, for things much greater are on the horizon.

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