GTA V's Trevor Tells Fan To Go F**k Himself

GTA V's Trevor Tells Fan To Go F**k Himself

During a panel at the New York Comic-Con this weekend, fans got a chance to chat with the voice actors behind Grand Theft Auto V. Or if not chat, then have the guy who plays Trevor jump off the stage and come at a fan (at the fans' request!), as though the game had suddenly come to life.

It's awesome that actor Steven Ogg pulled this off in the first place, but what makes it -aside from the more obvious physical likeness - is the swagger and the boots. You think it really is Trevor, especially since you can't get that good a look at things because, you know, portrait video. Sigh.

Trevor's Voice Actor from GTA V Tells Fan "Go F*** Yourself" By Request [Crave]


    Man, he is so good. Why did they not do promos of the actors doing irl stuff in character?

      Because he's not a Hollywood actor who's only in it for the fame.

    Well, there's my go to video for forum arguments...

    The popularity of these characters could mean more content from R*....and that's a good thing.

    Awesome. Now that's an entertaining request from a fan. Better than an autograph!

      Bit like how everyone gets Aaron Paul to call them a bitch haha.


    Ain't nothin wrong with portrait videos. Just people who misdirect their anger.

      Unless you're this guy [ ], then no, portrait video is not ok...


      Last edited 14/10/13 2:02 pm

        Portrait-only video players are not ok.

        I have a whole tonne of screen space. Much larger than the little 640x360 window I've been given to view the video. There's no reason why I couldn't just as easily watch something in a 360x640 window instead. You know, just like how I view portrait photos on a landscape monitor, without the need to pick it up and turn it sideways.

    I would have run away. That dude is scarey

    When I read the title, I was like :[

    When I saw the video, I was like :D

    Haha awesome. I like some of the insults Trevor says to random people when u press d-pad right. Michael and Franklin will usually say something non-insulting at first, but Trevor will always say something insulting.. "Did you lose a bet?"

    He could even have tripped over something and taken a spill coming down from the desk and been angry and it still would've been in-character. Win:win scenario!

    Haha I wasnt expecting that, brilliant.

    With all the motion capture and the interviews where they talk about getting into character as much as they would do for a real role, I was disappointed that no live action was done. It was great to hear Michael's voice among the group as well.

    Audiograph > autograph

    I always ask for one instead of a scribble on some paper.

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