Hero Building A Star Destroyer As Big As A Room

Hero Building A Star Destroyer As Big As A Room

Canadian artist Steve doesn't have much use for one of the rooms in his house, it seems, which is why he's turned it into a construction yard for a replica Super Star Destroyer.

It's called the Assertor, and is based on a design by Ansel Hsiao, whose amazing 3D works we showcased a couple of years ago.

The ship is currently only around 50 per cent complete, but even then it's a hell of a thing. Steve's building it with a combination of hand-carved styrene and 3D printing, and it's not until you get in close that you see just how detailed it is.

THE WHITE TIGER [DeviantArt, via technabob]

Hero Building A Star Destroyer As Big As A Room
Hero Building A Star Destroyer As Big As A Room


    Just noticed the other, smaller star destroyer, the turbo lasers and finally the NCC-1701 (with lights) hidden away amongst the mess. This guy is making all kinds of awesome.

    I wonder if this would be to scale for Star Wars X-Wing? I could use a Super Star Destroyer :P

    Is it just me, or does that SSD not look right?

      I think it's the angle of the photo that makes it look to angular and less flat.

        You're thinking of the Super Star Destroyer 'Executor'. He said it's based on the Assertor designed by a 3D modeler. I guess another SSD in the Empire fleet that's slightly different.

        relevant wookie-pedia artice for those that want it http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Assertor-class_Star_Dreadnought

        I don't think it's the 'standard' (aka more recognisable) Executor class SSD from the original movies, but rather a Pellaeon class SSD or Star Dreadnaught from SW: Legacy.


        It's not exact, but the resemblance is there. I'm guessing this guy mashed design cues from several ships for it.

      It's not an Executor-class SSD, but a Bellator-class SD from the Star Wars EU

    I hope he paints it and hangs it off the roof, would be a kick-ass ceiling fixture.

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    Smithers: That's quite a nice model, sir.

    Burns: Model?

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