Is ‘The Jordan Challenge’ Returning To NBA 2K14 For PS4 And Xbox One?

Is ‘The Jordan Challenge’ Returning To NBA 2K14 For PS4 And Xbox One?

One of the most confounding things about the NBA 2K series over the last two years is why two special modes — “The Jordan Challenge” from NBA 2K11 and “NBA’s Greatest” from NBA 2K12 — have neither carried forward nor, at least, been re-released as DLC. But a curious domain name registered to 2K Sports may change that.

Fusible, the erstwhile domain registry watchers, note that was registered right around the time of a big media event this week. I didn’t attend it. I truly have no idea what’s up here. Operation Sports has plenty on the subject, though.

2K Sports has been anxious to tell everyone its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of NBA 2K14 will be a distinctly different game, and not just in high quality visuals, though what we’ve seen and heard so far is how the foundation improves on the next console generation, and nothing about new modes.

Both “The Jordan Challenge” and “NBA’s Greatest” were warmly received by fans; the first mode tasked you with recreating 10 signature events from the career of basketball’s greatest superstar. “NBA’s Greatest” went even further, delivering some fascinating teams, players and matchups from the past 50 years, with period-authentic broadcast presentation and rules.

As neither of these modes were ported forward, it meant you had to keep your old copy to play them — and remember how the controls worked on that version. NBA 2K has changed its controls three times in as many years, vexing for both casual fans and diehards alike.

2K Sports has, admirably, had the least aggressive posture on premium downloadable content despite having a solid library worth the money. (The DLC-palooza coming in WWE 2K14, I assure you, is because the WWE either demanded it or already had those plans in place with Yuke’s when THQ blew up.)

I realise a lot of people will kill any sports series if what’s coming on the next generation looks like a rehash of old content. But even if it was a re-skinned mode, the return of “NBA’s Greatest” and/or “The Jordan Challenge,” in any form, would be an honest value-add to the next-gen version.

I’ve filed the obligatory request for comment with 2K Sports and its representatives; don’t expect any, but if they do say something I’ll update here. [Update: They formally no-commented. Guess we’ll find out later what this is about.]

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